What we do

FairFun's aim is to organise and hold quality tailored free events for children of all ages and disabilities and their families.

Our goal is for the whole family to participate, relax and enjoy our events. We always have a broad range of activities and entertainment which cater for all special needs, abilities and disabilities. We are constantly seeking advice from both professionals and parents on how to improve what we offer. We aim in particular to work with parents - so we seek out disabled children's parents' forums and groups to work in partnership with them to create each event.


All of our events are easily accessible. We have volunteers who have experience of working with children with a wide range of special needs and disabilities to help them participate and engage in all activities. We always ensure plenty of space at events and have quiet areas where children and parents can relax.


We believe fun should be fair - for all to enjoy in whatever way they can.


If you are interested in our events please contact us at info@fairfun.org.uk


Get social with us.

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