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In the UK, there are approximately 770,000 disabled children under the age of 16. That equates to one child in 20. But would you say that when you are out and about, at the park, on day trips, that one in 20 children around you is disabled? Probably not. Because many families with children with special needs just can’t participate in fun activities as much as typical families.There are so many barriers: - physical access to transport, to buildings, to play equipment; managing the behaviour of children who may be inappropriately noisy or challenging, keeping a child safe who has no road sense or will run away; not having enough money to do things (4 in 10 disabled children live in poverty) and not least, managing the attitudes of others who find difference difficult. 


The fact is there are very few opportunities for families with disabled children to be able to go out and enjoy time together without stress or obstacles.


We believe all families should be able to have fun together but we also know that having fun isn't always easy. We are conducting research to find out exactly what your experiences are. Please complete this quick survey and help us find out whether children with special needs are having the fun they ahould be able to enjoy. 




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