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FairFun was the idea of two parents of children with special needs who wanted children like theirs to enjoy traditional Christmas events - to get to see Santa, have fun making things and be entertained, whilst giving their families a chance to be together and relax.

Families with children with special needs often find Christmas particularly stressful. Events aren't suitable or accessible for them, people stare at their children, their children can't queue to see Santa. FairFun organise quality tailored events where the whole family can be involved and have fun.


FairFun is a little charity with big ideas – making it possible for children with special needs and their families to have fun and relax together through high-quality events, tailored to their needs and free to attend. Events are planned by people who understand the problems faced by disabled children; who believe that children with disabilities are entitled to have a good time too.


Last years fair at Charlton Athletic was a wonderful fun filled event you can see more details HERE


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